What is 3D Visualization Services?

  The term 3D visualization has some synonymous such as 3D rendering, 3D graphics, computer generated imagery (CGI),and etc. All these terms have the same meaning which is the process that present images and movies more real and attractive. 3D visualization services are great for someindustries such as Real Estate, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Architecture, Healthcare and so on. This services are really catchy and attractive because allow you to present a product to your customer long before the project is complete. It is a great way to make a decision by visualizing the proposed project using photo real details. It also helps you reassure your customers and become a strong competitor by making the best out of 3D visualization services!

Types of 3D Visualization Services

  • 3D Modeling

    This refers to the process of developing a mathematical representation of any surface of an object in three dimensions. There are so many software applications that are able to prepare a 3D model. The possibilities are endless, and this model plays a crucial role in the components of digital production. The first is to take your time in choosing the 3D modeling software that is right for you! Did you know that 3D models are also used for animation and gaming applications?

    3D Modeling

  • 3D Product Renderings

    3D product rendering takes 3D modeling to the next step by generating digital or computer images of the product. If one uses high-quality 3D photo rendering, this helps future clients better understand and visualize the desired product as clearly as possible. Take for instance a personalized couch or bed. Before manufacturing it and to avoid additional costs, this application allows you to pin point each little detail of the furniture you want, the color, the size, the overall look, and the small details.

    3D Product Renderings

  • 3D Floor Plans

    At a larger scale, 3D floor plans provide you with an overview of a space that you want to transform for personal or professional reasons. It lays out for you the 3D floor plans in a way that you get a true feel for the design you want to create using to space and the dimensions you have. It is also a really exciting experience; to see the floor plan transform itself right before your eyes with accuracy and reliability.

    3D Floor Plans3D Floor Plans

  • 3D Exterior Visualizations

    Did you always want to know what your patio would look like when you finally got to designing it? Do you live in a house and you’ve have always postponed transforming it? Well maybe that the motivation you needed to start doing it is the 3D exterior visualization application! Being able to see the space transform in a matter of minutes right before your eyes might be the extra push you always needed to start working on it without spending too much money. Be it for a personal or a professional space, the exterior is just as much a part of the building, so why neglect it?

    3D Exterior Visualizations

  • 3D Interior Visualizations

    When transforming an interior space, using the 3D interior visualization option is an important step of the design project. It is not one to leave aside or brush off because investing a few hundreds of dollars into the 3D interior visualizations will most likely make you save a lot of money in the long-term, as well as time and energy. Think of a space you always wanted to change in your home or at work, now imagine you have a magic brush that allows you to add or remove anything in that space. Do you want to see what a red wall would look like in your bedroom without having to paint it to then realize it looks awful or it was not the right color tone? Three words for you: 3D interior visualization.

    3D Interior Visualizations

  • Virtual Staging

    This virtual software application allows you to stage your entire house and stage it the way you want it to. It is a simple way to ‘‘take a guided tour’’ of your actual house or workspace in three dimensions. Virtual home staging is a modernized version of home staging that digitally furnish vacant photographs. It is significantly quicker and cheaper than the traditional staging process and allows builders, developers, designers, and real estate agents to successfully take advantage of this technology to display their properties in fully furnished and high-quality images.

    Virtual Staging

  • 3D Animations

    There is a big difference between animating objects and 3d models, they both appear in three-dimensional space but we are able to move and rotate the animated ones according to our desires. 3D animation programs are used to make animation videos, 3D movies, motion graphics, movie effects and much more. Here are some of the most popular animation programs which are used today: Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3Ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, and LightWave 3D, Lumion.

  • 3D VR Walkthrough

    Finally, is 3D VR walkthrough which gives the customer the possibility to have a 3D virtual tour of the space they want to change anytime anywhere. This engages the participant in the transformation process and is also a very exciting opportunity to see what space could look like after renovations. It gives viewers the most complete representation and has a direct positive impact on market prices. One of the best software programs for preparing VR walkthrough is Unreal Engine, its different system of tools and editors help you to organize your assets and edit them to create the best for your desired space.


To conclude, 3D visualization services now hold a key role in businesses and can no longer be overlooked. If you are attempting to offer your customers the most complete and stimulating experience in design at a competitive price, Harmon design is ready to help. We do our best toprovide cost-effective and high-quality architectural rendering and walkthrough animation services that help you meet varied requirements including Interior design, furniture designs, landscaping design, and other architectural schematics designs to provide a complete solution to all your rendering and walkthrough related objectives.