Design Trends for Commercial Interiors

When it comes to interior commercial design, the tricky part is balancing creativity and cost-efficiency. Indeed, the goal is to find the best way to create a space that offers customers a new and unique experience while at the same time using the space in an efficient way and without going over the budget.

Investors now use ESG-the environmental, social and governance aspects of a project, to determine if a company is socially conscious. This is a crucial aspect not to be overlooked by facility owners and managers to assure the success of the new space.

Commercial Interiors

Here are some of the main 2020 design trends for commercial interiors to help you get started.

  1. Sustainability

    Sustainability is no longer an option but a standard. When rethinking a space, using greener techniques is mandatory. It is also vital to use design strategies that do not compromise one’s health. Renewable, low-waste and recyclable material are also a part of the solution from now onwards. The idea is to create a commercial space where wellness is at the center of it.

  2. Wellness

    In relation to the first trend, wellness should now be equally important in a commercial space as it would naturally be for a home space. Work environments are as important as home environments especially when you consider that you spend most of your day at work. Building interior designers should think commercial interior designs in a way that encourages active wellness habits. Even making a staircase look nice can encourage customers and employees to use it instead of taking the elevator for instance.

  3. Psychographics

    The idea behind this trend is using qualitative data instead of quantitative data. For instance, what values, interests or attitudes do I want my commercial interior space to convey? When working with a designer on that space, understanding the demography of the commercial space is crucial. Who is this space designed for and what are this demography’s characteristics? Often when a building is unpopular it can be becomes the designed failed to understand the market’s target audience; their age, gender, interests, income, and even educational level.

  4. Community

    This third design trend can closely be linked with the fourth one: community. Nowadays a commercial space should be seen as more than just a space for exchange or transaction, but a space that encourages and understands social connectivity. It is the idea of designing a space that understand social connectivity as part of the solution. A physical space can create the environment for inviting social interactions in a world now where loneliness predominates.

  5. Authenticity

    Regardless of the commercial space, you are looking to redesign, authenticity in our digital world is a must. Given the fierce competition online, when designing a commercial space, it is important to take the time to think about the mood you want your commercial space to give customers. What type of atmosphere do you want to create? It is also important to find the right balance between the virtual experience and the actual experience once a customer opens the door to that commercial space.

  6. Achieving Commercial Interior Trends

    So how can a commercial interior designer actually make this happen? There are many possibilities from the type of material used to including vernacular features. Let’s have a look at some main design trends!

  7. Deep Tones

    Even though you are transforming a commercial space, it should reflect natural elements and deep cooling tones. Grey tinged with greens and charcoals combined with ivory, stone or taupe are the way to go. If the room seems to lack spark, then feel free to add a splash of natural color such as zesty lime or fiery paprika.

  8. Geometric Patterns and Super-Scale

    Nowadays the trend is a large scale, geometric patterns that have a dramatic feel to it. Goodbye, small-scale designs! When talking about authenticity, geometric patterns are a great way to give designers a unique personality touch by creating a true design statement. It is the opportunity to make a lasting impression on visitors who can associate this pattern to the company and therefore easily remember it.

  9. Unusual Combinations

    Commercial interior designs today are moving away from obvious formulas to more quirky and unexpected juxtapositions of color and patterns to create a more unique and personalized look.

  10. Dual-purpose Design

    This is a big trend in commercial interior design, it is the idea of giving two purposes to the same object so as to maximize space and save money. It is the combination of creativity and efficiency in a world where budget matters!

Office Interior Design

Keeping in mind the above trend features, when it comes to the office interior design some key elements stand out.

  1. No more big private offices or cubicles. Say hello to shared space!
  2. Geometric forms and patterns
  3. Think in 3D by maximizing the space available on the walls
  4. Combination of natural elements: ivory, wood, stone, charcoal, taupe, and a lot of plants

Office Interior Design

Shopping store Interior Design

With online shopping constantly increasing and stores struggling to attract customers, understanding the real-life shopping experience has changed. Nowadays, it is no longer a transactional operation, but an experience for the customer, the motivation to step away from the computer and shop in a social way.

Here are some features to keep in mind:

  1. Use the power of social media inside the store
  2. Infuse the shopping experience with technology
  3. Keep your target audience in mind and make it a social event, not a retail one
  4. Create a comfortable, home-like atmosphere in a public space

Dental Office Interior Design

We might not think about it at first, but we visit this place every year: the dental office. For some of us, the experience is painful both physically and emotionally, and so can be the time waiting for our name to be called by the dentist. Creating a calm and peaceful space can be a key factor to help patients deal with the anticipation. Check out these ideas!

  1. Keep the target audience in mind. For children, entertainment as a décor is great idea for them and for their parents!
  2. Open floor plan treatment area. The design for dental offices is being completely rethought. Closed rooms or walls are a thing of the past. If there are dividing walls, they don’t go all the way up to the ceiling allowing for more natural light to come in.
  3. Unique décor themes help to make the dental office feel more comfortable and home-like to the patient hence helping them relax.
  4. Incorporating home elements. The reception area of the dental office is a great space to include some home-like elements to the room. It can become an interactive space instead of a waiting area where you awkwardly face a stranger.

Dental Office Interior Design


In conclusion, when it comes to the design trends for commercial space, forget about how things used to be done! Commercial spaces should not only be transactional spaces, but one that feels like home, that customers remember for their authentic patterns and mix of colors and textures, where there are less walls and more natural light and one where you feel like making social connections. As much as you have fun with redesigning homes, you can have just as much fun with redesign commercial interiors!