Home Interior Design Ideas

When you come home after a long day of work or running errands, what does your home look like? Better yet, when you open the door and are home, how does the space make you feel? Do you feel serene and calm? Or do you feel frustrated with how things are organized and look? We might not think about it often, but Harmon design team with functional and esthetically-pleasing home interior design can solve quite a few headaches.  Here are some tips to help you transform your home.

What are the elements of interior design?

The main goal of Harmon Design is to make your living space comfortable, functional and pleasant. It is about finding the best way to make the use of the space you have. No matter the size, there are more possibilities than we initially think. There are some key elements that define interior design and which will help you better manage the space you live and move in.

elements of interior design?

Key elements :

Let’s call these elements the ‘‘seven rules’’ that any professional interior designer keeps in mind when rethinking the home, they can play with. Space is often the first one that comes to mind, but there are six others: lines, forms, lights, texture, pattern and colour. What matters is how Harmon design can balance these seven elements to make their home functional and beautiful.

Setting the Mood

The main colors that we will choose for a room will create the mood of that space, while the forms of objects and lines will direct your eye to specific places in the room. So look at your room,

  1. What do you want to enhance in that space?
  2. What do you want to hide?
  3. How much natural light comes in the room and how much artificial light to you need to add without hurting your eyes?

The sizes of objects matter too, especially when an object occupies too much space and creates an imbalance in proportion to the space available in the room. Finally, texture is also importanteven if we might forget it sometimes.  Carpets, accessories, curtains, cushions and so on will all have different textures, which willinfluence how you feel in that space. These are the key elements to keep in mind when tackling home interior design.

Setting the Mood

Most popular decorating ideas

In the last decade, interior design has shifted towards more modern, minimalist, contemporary and even industrial-looking spaces. The less clutter, the better. If you are looking for the most popular decorating ideas for your home or your workspace, here are the main ones that we can design specifically for your desired spaces.

1.Modern Style

What comes to mind when we think about modern style? Clean, simple, clutter-free homes with neutral color palettes that combine different textures such as wood, metal, glass and steel are very popular. In this modern style, there are fewer accessories, bolder and color-neutral furniture that give the sense of wider space.

Modern Style

2.Contemporary Style

At Harmon design we believe with a more modern-looking home, there is a higher change of it overcoming current styles and years. Modern and contemporary ideas can also go hand-in-hand. While the modern style is stricter, we can also add contemporary aspects to the room to make the space more fluid and in-tune with its time. For instance, keeping the mouldings on the ceiling and removing crown, adding some modern material such as satin brass, using modern rope light moulding, and at end design a beautiful fireplace in the space.

Contemporary Style

3.Minimalist Style

One idea that has grown in popularity over the last years and even has its own popularity among our team members. It takes the modern design idea and brings it down a notch by simplifying things even more. The main characteristics of this popular home interior design are ultra-clean lines and functionality. The accent is placed on geometric shapes and the use of two basic colors, not more, in an austere way.

Minimalist Style

4.Industrial Style

Finally, a style that has gained popularity by drawing its inspiration from warehouse or urban lofts is the industrial style. With high ceilings, metal light fixtures, the combination and contrast between wood, metal and steel, this popular home interior design look has given old and dilapidated look a breath of fresh air. It is common now to see exposed bricks in people’s homesas a backdrop in their living room. The use of primary and neutral colors that combine different textures is also a strong feature of minimalist look.

Industrial Style

How can we make your house look elegant?

If you are trying to make your home look elegant while using some elements of the modern, contemporary or minimalist style, here are some ideas on how we do so. Especially when you are on a budget, it can seem discouraging or harder to make your home look elegant when in fact there are plenty of ways! We will find some key objects that you want to accentuate in the room and place them in strategical positions, which will make space look wider and bigger.

Details and Color

As an Interior design firm it has always been important for us to pay attention to small details during design process. Most of the time a very small detail can make a big difference in feeling you may have in a space.Choosing the right color for a room can make or break the mood of the space and make it look elegant or cheap, so choose wisely. Some colors add more glamour and elegance to a room such as a bold or dramatic color or soft and understated hues.

Details and Color


Who said comfort and elegance can’t go together? If chosen correctly, pillows can really add a beautiful extra punch to a room plus they add extra comfort to a couch. By selecting a bigger than average pillow it will also make it more of a decorative object. Also, don’t underestimate hardware finishes to make drawer pulls and knobs have the extra je-ne-sais-quoi. Hardware stores, flea markets and antique shops are the place to go!


Lighting and Floors

Lights really make a difference; first they can make a room look much more spacious, but light is also synonymous with functionality. Opting for designer light fixtureswith contrast one room from the other make it more elegant and unique. If you want a style that transcends fashion, sometimes a clear and bold hardwood floor is preferred to a carpet. Finally, accessorize, but don’t over do it. To make your home interior design more elegant look for gold picture frames, dramatic mirrors and a bit of sparkle.

Lighting and Floors


In conclusion, home interior design is about transforming your home into one where coming home from a long day of work feels good. The space is open, inviting, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Whatever the style or mood you want to create, it is important to keep in mind the seven rules and choose the style you prefer and feel most comfortable moving in. There are many ways to create a new and elegant space and still make it a practical and functional one. Opt for the style that suits you best. Don’t forget to have fun as you look for ideas for your home interior design!