Toronto is Canada’s largest city with a population of over three million. It is also the fourth largest city in North America. Ontario’s capital city is greatly diverse culturally and geographically and offers a rich platform for movie production and the artistic scene.

Toronto is also known for its pricey apartments and luxury custom homes. With the city being a must in business, finance, and architecture, it is no wonder that the home interior design style is flourishing.

Let’s have a look at some of the best interior design styles and decorations in Toronto.



To have a better idea of the most popular interior design trends of the city, don’t miss out on looking at the Interior Design Show of Toronto as it will provide you with an early look on what to expect of this year’s top designers.


Iconic designer Jonathan Adler was there to introduce his latest products, furniture, and accessories. Some key aspects popped out such as: a bold color, biophilic wallpaper, sculptural LED lighting, faucet embellishment with texture, and bold color. Black-stained wood furniture was an essential component of the show.

This event is held each year in January and sets the tone for the main designs to keep an eye on. This year the event took place from January 16 to January 19, and it attracted thousands of architects, industrial and interior designers, as well as homeowners and designer enthusiasts.


The show pointed towards five emerging styles that will characterize 2020’s interior design.

    1. Sculptural LED lighting

      We do not want to use traditional light design and classic light bulb anymore. Nowadays with the help of technology modern lighting takes on sculptural shapes and gravity-defying designs to create a new type of light source.  This trend bridged the gap between fine art and lighting design concluding that the two can go hand in hand and that these aspects of technology now present in our everyday life can be embraced and used in interior design as well.For example, Atelier Stobben created the Manitoba wall lamps which were inspired by 18th century Kroeger clocks. The designer used LED technology to create the sensation of light change throughout the day depending on the time. The lights gradually change from a soft orange glow to an intense bright white to a soft warm glow, as time goes from morning to midday to evening.

      Sculptural LED lighting
    2. A wide range of colors

      If you love color, then this year’s trends are for you! Ranging from candy colors, to eclectic combinations and bold colors, the idea is that color can affect your mood, so why not affect it positively with a splash of color? As Pourvakil explains: ‘‘Color gives us energy and lifts our spirit.’’ You can incorporate red, blue, and pink in your home without being considered avant-garde, it is now expected and encouraged.

      A wide range of colors
    3. Faucet embellishes with texture

      Since we spend a bit portion of our time in the kitchen either cooking or being with our family or guests, you can add details to the kitchen to decorate it. Faucets have a special and unique form and they can be used to attract eyes; so have fun changing its texture.
      Rohl launched the Graceline collection this year with faucets being at the center of his designs. He painted them in matte gold with black finishes with knurled textural accents. The texture of the knobs can turn into a tactile experience.

      Faucet embellishes with texture
    4. Biophilic Wallpaper

      Biophilia refers to the natural tendency to connect with the nature. At this year’s event, wallpapers were used to illustrate that. In facts, wallpapers are making a come-back in new and innovative ways. In a city like Toronto where millions of people live surrounded by concrete walls, we can sometimes forget nature and its therapeutic effects. Biophilic design is motivated by the idea of improving our wellness through the natural world.
      When you need to disconnect or think, where do you go? Your answer might be the water or the forest, and that is a human and natural reaction-to be close to nature. For instance, the company Rollout revealed its new line of wallcoverings. The series was called Undo and it was created by sing the same algorithms as the ones used by video game developers to mimic nature and artificial realities.
      The goal of the wavy wallcovering is to bring water to life and ultimately increate our well-being, focus, and creativity in the space we use most these days; our home.

      Biophilic Wallpaper
    5. Black-stained wood furniture

      This trend was show-cased during the event local designers, major retailers and cabinet makers, and we expect for it to grow in popularity throughout the year. Ambassador or Atelier Arking, a design studio of contemporary handmade furniture in Milton, Ontario, explained that: “A black stain highlights shape and grain (texture) and delivers more impact to a space and the user.” Black and white have been for a long time a part of fashion and design. Finding the right combinations of black-stained wood furniture with splashes of colors will characterize the interior design trends of 2020.

      Black-stained wood furniture


These are five of many other interior design trends of 2020. When it comes to incorporating some of these trends into your home, ask yourself which ones represent you best then choose one or two to change the tone of a room. Remember this year is all about positivity in a time where we all need it, but it is also about giving life to old elements in new ways and transforming them. We hope you have fun while doing it!