162 Cedric Ave, York

This house was one of the unique projects that we came across.

The house was designed for a bachelor that wanted the complete experience of a bachelor lifestyle. The client wanted the house to be completely designed in minimalistic modern style. This project is a small and narrow sized home, meaning that the house is smaller than regular sized homes and is also very narrow. Usually with these types of projects, every decision is considered carefully, including consideration of furniture, lighting, moldings, colours materials and texture.

Main Floor

These all have a huge impact on how the space will turn out. That being said, being mindful of the hierarchy of the space and furniture means that for such small spaces, we must use fairy-sized furniture that will prevent the house from appearing smaller. Be mindful of how you design your lighting, since less lighting can make the space appear smaller. Also, in modern design, crown moldings and base boards are not used due to their design style and are encouraged to use for classic styles or even contemporary depending on the client.

2nd Floor

Going forward with modern design allows us to work with no symmetrical design and limit our selves with colours such as white marble and greys to make the space appear bigger.

Due to the size of this house, often the client worries that he/she will not be able to sell the property for a good price later on, but it is significant to know that hiring an interior designer can allow you to design your home in a way that you could be saving money in the future and will be able to sell your home for a better price.