Project Description

203 Norton

This project was designed to reflect the lifestyle of its current owner.

It was agreed on being designed based on contemporary style aspects and is now currently under construction.

This house is in the core of Bayview Village, within the other many modern and luxurious houses in the neighbourhood. The client for this project did not have any specific requirements regarding the interior of the house and that does not include any further changes during the process. The project was simply left to us with no limits. Every inch of this project was designed carefully and thought through.


This house features many different details including carefully designed base boards and crown moldings, detailed flooring, detailed ceiling designs, along with lighting designs.

The project follows the colour palettes of blackgoldgrey with each colour helping to signify one another and compliment each feature. For example, the beautiful kitchen designs followed by the foyer and powder room all follow the same colour palette that are used differently in each section.

The design is a mixture of modern and classic design that creates a high-profile contemporary style design.


This project is a great example of its current interior design style. Each section of this house is custom-made with hand picked furniture that also harmonizes with the rest of the home concept design.