248 Bynge North York

How to achieve the perfect design while maximizing the limit of using budget and saving money.

This project is currently under construction and is now being built by Mr. Akhavan in Bayview village. The current client wanted to use this beautiful wood (ebony rose wood (HG)) along with white marble to create this contemporary yet modern look.

These two materials compliment each other very well. This laminated MDF is a great solution for cheaper results and a better finish, with the product available in different finishes.


Main Floor

For this project specifically, we used laminated MDF because it goes great with marble since they both have a glossy and reflective surface.

Although this may be a good alternative, it is crucial to know when not to overuse a material. Too much of everything can make the space dull and lifeless, so we like to incorporate different materials and use a significant amount of each in order to compliment one another instead of overusing one material.

The details of the flooring and usage of the laminated MDF on the ceilings are there to harmonize with the rest of the design concept and to create a contemporary look.

2nd Floor

This house features a great deal of detailed lighting throughout, resulting in maximum natural and artificial lighting. One of the small details that complete this design is the usage of polished brass throughout. That includes polished brass furniture details and framings that are being used in different areas of the home.

Basement Bar