40 Bannatyne

This project is located in Bannatyne Drive, One of the best neighborhoods of the city of Toronto.

More interestingly it is also facing the beautiful ravine and the stunning overview of trees in the backyard. Considering the walkout basement in this project has turned into three separated floors. As we know, Color has a huge effect on how the space will make you feel, in this project with the help of 3d renders, we tried to find the right paint color to best fit the space for the client.

Using intimate tint of red to neutral and cozy tones on the walls, creates an enjoyable environment when the cold weather strikes and all someone wants to do is spend more time indoors.

Family room

In this beautiful house we used the lovely colors combination of gold, white and red which is ebony MDF wood. Mixing gold metal frames and red woods is very trendy at present and also white remains a popular neutral on the move that is showing no signs of slowing down. Red wood can be dramatic and warm while gold is usually associated with glamour and regal interiors.

2nd Floor

2nd Floor