Beauty lounge or sometimes Beauty shop

A beauty lounge or sometimes beauty shop, is an establishment dealing with cosmetic treatments for men and women.

These type of salons are considered essential businesses for many individuals. These individuals visit these salons at least 4-8 times a month, usually going to their local salons for touch-ups and style changes. Salons are one of the few places that can either be good or bad in terms of presentation, since it has a huge impact on how the space will turn out. Often, luxurious salons can attract more attention and therefore more customers due to its visible layout portraying lavish lifestyles. With the usage of dark grey and black, we have successfully created an intimate and lavish salon with small details of built-ins and carefully thought through furniture.

Lighting also has a huge impact on the final result of the space. Having said that, the choices of lighting fixture is very significant. Lighting has successfully kept the space feeling dim and intimate.