Project Description

Conference Room

This project was designed for a commercial company seeking a modern and renovated conference area that would create a positive environment to work in and essentially make the conference room more enjoyable and easier to be in.

This project uses a lot of wall nut in different styles and patterns.

By creating a pattern on the wall with the direction of the wood grain, you can create a non-symmetric design that follows modern design style, giving the space more life.

One of the major details of this conference room is the modernized ceiling that was designed in a way to make the space less lifeless and more vibrant, in addition, having such ceiling design can help with the acoustic of the room for large groups of parties and help any sound or noise to travel across the room. This shape allowed us to incorporate more lighting through pot lights and rope lighting that provides enough lighting in the room to brighten up the space and make it appear less intimate and easier to work in.

Along one side of the room, there are different openings for show cases and displaying any further information with puck lights to further create a spotlight look to the desired object that will later be installed there.

The other material that is being used is the laminated MDF. This material is highly glossy and reflective, allowing light to travel through the space and make the room appear brighter. Using white laminated MDF along with walnut wood is a great combination for modern design.

One other feature that makes the space appear better is the flooring. In terms of flooring, we were advised to use carpet for two reasons; firstly, using carpet is the most successful way to prevent any unnecessary noise or sound to travel across the room and it also helps to improve with the acoustic of the atmosphere. Lastly, carpet is usually the best way to prevent any further accidents and is commonly used for safety reasons.

So we decided to use light grey carpet along with neutral grey tones for furniture because it can help make the space appear more open concept and tolerable to be in.