Project Description

Dental Office

Dental offices can be very stressful environments to be in, inducing unusual levels of anxiety and discomfort.

Waiting in the reception area alone can create unnecessary fear, with the anticipation of waiting to go inside.

Having said this, creating a more welcoming reception area can simply distract you from fears and anxiety towards the dentist. In order to successfully create a beautiful design that can both fulfill our clients’ and dentists’ patients, we need to use neutral colours to produce a calm environment.
We have decided to use natural elements in our design, creating an appealing atmosphere by using marble stones and different types of lighting to brighten up the room.
The reception area includes a strong colour pallet of white, grey and black using details of polished brass.
This combination creates a high-value luxury interior style.
One of the major elements of this project is the ceiling design, along with the lighting design.

There are different patterns that follow the ceiling with numerous details of drops and lighting. Having such detailed design in areas such as a reception area can help patients overcome their fear and anxiety by distracting them while they are waiting.