Dora Shopping Mall

This project is one of the many modernized malls that are currently under construction and on its final phases of construction.

It is in the core of downtown, where all the luxurious projects are now being built. It carries various design elements that enhance the idea of modern architecture and interior design.

This building is multifunctional and was designed for commercial purposes. There are offices on the higher levels and retail stores are located at the bottom. By using white and beige marble we have successfully created a grand and lavish mall.

When customers enter to the mall, they will face to the huge and high wall at the left side of entrance. We designed this wall and applied the principle of parametric architecture. The wall looks like a complex monolithic element with intricate curve because there is not a lot space between panels.

During the process of interior design of this project, we decided to avoid sharp edge of the void by choosing soft and curvaceous forms for all the balconies.

Other elements such as the ceiling and lighting also create a huge impact on the final results, especially lighting. With the right lighting you are able to achieve an appropriate setting, specifically in commercial buildings like these. It is crucial to incorporate lighting along with your design to enhance your choices of elements and to get better results in the end.

Another element that makes this space look more open concept and modern are the large and glorious windows. Not only does the building require a lot of artificial lighting, it also consumes maximum natural light, and using the large and wide windows in the interior can allow all the natural light to travel through the entire building and prevent it from looking dim and lifeless.