Project Description

Nika Shopping Mall

An urban mall should create a positive effect towards the buyer.

Every little detail is important when it comes to the interior of a mall.

  • The interior should provide enough travel space that prevents the buyer from feeling compacted and to instead feel free.
  • The space should provide enough lighting and even more to make an intensive dramatic result.
  • a successful mall design should reflect your personal lifestyle.
  • The more luxurious and urban the mall, the more traffic. Traffic brings traffic, that means when you see someone going it makes you want to go there as well.

This project is currently under the first stages of construction.

One major element of this project is the glass elevator that connects all the floors together and is the focal point of this project. This elevator allows individuals to travel from one floor to another and is also providing an urban feature that will later have natural elements such as urban landscaping all around it. This is the perfect way to create an indoor-outdoor atmosphere with the rest of the mall.

Having an indoor-outdoor look towards a mall can help with the individual not getting tired of the space and not wanting to leave every 30 minutes.

This project consists of many well-known brands from all over the world and a massive food court consisting of different cultural foods.