Project Description

Office Burston Group

Wheat is an essential product for most people’s needs.
It is the base of any meal or even snack, so why not treat it with respect and royalty.

This project was done for Burstun Group office and is currently under construction.

This office required an extensive amount of contemporary details that would create a transitional look from a typical office space to an urban production.

Wheat comes from distinct colours such as green, different shades of brown and yellow. This helps us to create a relation between the product and the office design by incorporating natural elements to signify the space.

We believe that it is essential to create a design that best reflects the concept and the function of its form. With that being said, this office should reflect its natural atmosphere, so once you step in, you can fully understand what the company is offering.

In this case, we have chosen to use walnut to incorporate the same colour pallet in our design. Using different shapes and patterns of walnut in different forms and places can create non symmetric urban design that further makes the space more alive, enjoyable and tolerable to work in.
Once you step into the space, you are suddenly aware of your surroundings and notice the urban change to the office.

This design provides enough workspace, enough light that travels around and a beautiful urban design that best describe the functionality and production of the company.