White House

We believe it is crucial to design each space separately but create a harmony and connection between each part of a home.

Although it can be very challenging to design each space separately with different themes it is still possible. We strongly believe that as long as the consistency between each theme creates a bigger image and that it flows comfortable with each other it becomesa more successful design by figuring out how to incorporate different décor elements in our design.

Creating a visual solidarity thought out the design in a home will not have the same effect as designing each room with the same theme or color palette. It is about knowing how each room harmonizes with one another. It reflects to how you interact with space within space. How you see other rooms while being in a room. It is about the reflection of colors and textures throughout the space. Once the different spaces flow within each other, it creates a successful design that will make the home more enjoyable.


2nd floor

The master bedroom design uses bold usage of minimalism and block colors to achieve a look that is clean and contemporary. The black tufted headboard with gold frame complements the grey velvet panels behind. There is also a hidden door in the right side of bed and the same pattern continues on the left side to keep the symmetry.

2nd Floor

The design brief for the masterEn-suite project was intended to use natural materials in order to create a pleasant and luxurious space that is warm and intimate. In order to create a continuous flow between the master bedroom into the En-suite the subtle gold framing will follow its pattern into the master En-suite. Fireplace in the middle of space is unique.