Real Estate Virtual Staging

It has been proven that furnished, occupied or staged homes sell faster than empty homes. Not only that, but empty houses will be sold on average for 6% less according to a study conducted by the Appraisal Institute. Let’s take a look at the benefits of home staging, specially if you want to sell at a rising trend in real estate: virtual staging.

What is virtual staging in real estate?

Virtual home staging is a modernized version of home staging that digitally furnish vacant photographs. It is significantly quicker and cheaper than the traditional staging process and allows builders, developers, designers, and real estate agents to successfully take advantage of this technology to display their properties in fully furnished and high-quality images.

According to the buyers’ point of view, the images are the most significant factor when viewing a home online. Online images and marketing tools are a great way to attract potential buyers because they become very unforgettable and appealing. With the help of virtual staging, the stylish, attractive furniture and decoration can be digitally added to photographs of a house’s vacant rooms. The software used for virtual staging enhances digital photographs of a property thanks to the use of graphic software that digitally builds furniture into the initial image. Another advantage is distance because it allows collaborations between two people who might live far from each other.

How much does a virtual staging cost?

Some might find the idea of staging a home to be useless or a waste of time or money, but in fact it’s been proved that professionally staged homes sell on average for 3% more than the anticipated price. This profit makes staging worth, according to Mortgage Daily News because they help sell the houses more quickly and at a better price.

Virtual home staging can cost between $40 to $200 per room depending on the contractor or software used. Two factors that also play an important role are the location of the home and the size of the room. In the Harmon Design website, you are also able to choose from archive different sets of furniture or let our designers choose for you. All furniture can be resized, the color changed, and adapted to different layouts.


Virtual Stager is one of the most popular software staging programs at the present. One of its strong features is that it is browser-based and can be used on Mac, PC, iPad, and any other tablet.

Commercial real estate virtual staging

Commercial real estate virtual staging is pretty much the same thing; it shows a potential customer the range of possibilities available through the magic of a software application.

Usually, commercial spaces are wider and require more time, money and effort to be staged which is why virtually staging them is the first option. Also, different potential buyers will most likely have different goals or visualizations of the space they want to purchase therefore one can better sell and attract them by adapting the images to the wants of the customer.


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Why we should choose virtual staging over traditional home staging?

Virtual staging is the best way to save money with decorations while designing a
home and it allows both real estate professionals and designers to save their time
and money. Often, realtors spend thousands of dollars hiring a home stager
whereas virtual staging will satisfy all your needs for further maintenance,
transportation, rental fees, and most importantly, the necessary labour costs

Some of the critical reasons:

  • It is MUCH Cheaper Than Traditional
  • Allows unlimited design elements & Inventory
  • Help buyers visualize their personal choice
  • Define accurate sizing and placements
  • Showcase your best in design, materials, and décor

 virtual staging over traditional home staging

Virtual staging in Toronto

Toronto is a cosmopolitan and dynamic city that attracts every year thousands of people
increasing the price of homes and commercial spaces. Toronto is one of the most expensive
cities in Canada. It is the world’s second most overvalued housing market in the back of low
rates and supply shortages according to the UBS AG’s annual global real estate bubble
The Toronto real estate marketing has boomed in the last years as more and more people
each year move to the city or the Greater Toronto Area. This means that there is a fiercer
competition to sell a property and that buyers have become more demanding than ever
before in terms of what they expect.
Due to this change in the market and in the relationship between sellers and buyers, virtual
staging is an essential component. One quick search on Google and you will see numerous
advertisements for different virtual staging companies that promise a profit beyond your
When choosing the virtual stager, you want to work with it, it is important to see eye-to-eye.
This means determining which features of the home you want to enhance and present in
the most appealing way. In a competitive real estate world where authenticity is key, virtual
staging comes in handy and in fact necessary to distinguish your home from another.

Virtual staging in Toronto

Harmon design

This virtual staging company is one of the best in Toronto because it offers exclusive interior
design and modernized home styling. Founded in 2017 by Hamed Ajamian, it is renown for
creating luxurious interiors in a unique way. Since its creation, it has continued to grow and
expand in Toronto.
It prides itself on creating a relationship with its clients based on trust and understanding of
their needs. Using two booklets that illustrate the modern and contemporary style, Harmon
design makes sure that each new project is unique, goal-oriented and respectful of the
clients’ style and vision.


Virtual staging is like an erasable canvas, find the space’s best features and enhance them in
a way that makes potential buyers interested in visiting it. By investing in virtual staging, you
will attract more offers and have the opportunity to choose luxury furniture.
It is a savvy marketing strategy that is time and cost-efficient and allows you to portray your
home in the best light possible to ultimately help you sell it more quickly and a better price.
So what are you waiting for?