What is virtual staging?

Virtual home staging is a modernized version of home staging that digitally furnish vacant photographs. It is significantly quicker and cheaper than traditional staging process and allows builders, developers, designers and real-estate agents to successfully take advantage of this technology to display their properties in fully furnished and high-quality images.

According to the buyers’ point of view, the images are the most significant factor when viewing a home online. Online images and marketing tools are a great way to attract potential buyers because they become very unforgettable and appealing. With the help of virtual staging, the stylish, attractive furniture and decoration can be digitally added to photographs of a house’s vacant rooms.

Why we should choose virtual staging over traditional home staging?

Virtual staging is the best way to save money with decorations while designing a home and it allows both real estate professionals and designers to save their time and money. Often, realtors spend thousands of dollars hiring a home stager whereas virtual staging will satisfy all your needs for further maintenance, transportation, rental fees, and most importantly, the necessary labour costs involved.

Some of the critical reasons :

  • It is MUCH Cheaper Than Traditional
  • Allows unlimited design elements & Inventory
  • Help buyers visualize their personal choice
  • Define accurate sizing and placements
  • Showcase your best in design, materials, and décor

Choose your desire furniture from our archive

In this section you are able to choose from our archive different sets of furniture or let our designers choose for you. All furniture can be resized, color changed and adapted to different layouts.